“Sangeeta Saahitya Kalaviheenaha saakshaat Pahuhu Puchcha vishaana Henah” - means the person who does not have music knowledge is equal to animal.
Because of the great relation with human emotions, our saints have divided music in SWARAAS as well as NAVRAS(Nine Emotions viz., Bheebhatsa, Bayanaka, Roudra, Adbhut, Haasya, Sringaara, Kaarunya, Veera and Shaanta ras.But Srungaara,Kaarunya,Veera and Shaanta ras are considered as important.Among all Srungaara ras is called as king of all ras. In Indian Classical Music "Shaant Ras"(Peaceful). has got special place in raagas. Early morning and at the time of sun set human emotions turn towards Shaanta ras.
THAAT (Root of Raag)
Every raag is originated from THAAT, a root or we can call it as mother. Under the influence and the flavor of THAAT many raagas originate and get shape. Every raag will follow the constitution of the root THAAT.
VAADI (Key Note) and SAMVAADI (Secondary Key Note) Swar
VAADI swar is the key note in any raag, the development of the singing in the particular raag depends on the VAADI which is key note in the raag. The whole development of the raag will be around VAADI and SAMVAADI. The stress will be more on VAADI and SAMVAADI.
The basic notes of Raag, the notes used in an ascending scale
The basic notes of Raag the notes in a descending scale.
Example : Raag Bhoopali
  Aaroha : SAA     RE     GA     PA     DA     SAA
  Avaroha : SAA     DA     PA     GA     RE     SAA
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