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Pdt.Guruswami is a recognised senior classical vocalist of gwalior gharana in the contemporary indian classical music.He is also a well known writer in Kannada literature field.

In 1956 he has become a disciple of music legend Padmabhushana Sri Pandit Puttaraja Gavayi of Gadag and started his Hindustani Classical music lessons.Sharp, intelligent and a melodious voice with excellence in education made him to be known as Sangeeta Visharada. Sri Puttarajgavai appointed him as the principal of his music institution to advice hundreds of students with his music excellence. He has taught music to hundreds of blind orphaned children and become guide to many artists. Along with music he is taught literature and writing by his master and hence writing has come to him naturally. He has written thousands of poems, composed and sung them with his golden voice. This earned him invitations from many places across the country. He has been a busy singer in classical and light music. His songs are being broadcasted by Dharwad, Gulbarga and Srilankan (Ceylone) radio stations. The songs for which he has composed music and sung, have been released by well known music companies like HMV,Master Recording Company, Sangeeta, Ashwini recording etc., in the form of Gramophones, Cassettes, and CDs. Many of his popular works in the field of kannada literature are published and are well received by the readers. He has directed music for many drama associations in Karnataka and also written dramas, directed and conducted successful play on the stage and called as ‘Natyakavi’.

He has pioneered unique and melodious style of suprabhaata songs; written,composed and sung by himself.His suprabhaat singing style has got place in every heart of the music lovers.His songs become the voice of every home,religeous institutions and temples.Along with classical singing he is equally popular in vachana,light music,folk and devotional singing.

His writing skills and abilities reached every corner of the society when he has started a monthly magazine called “Panchakshara Prakasha” (Panchakshara Vani) on the direction of his master Puttaraja Gavai, a mouth-piece of his master’s institution. With this publication he propagated music, literature and dance-drama thereby making his master and his institution popular among the people. He has created “Panchakshara Swaralekhana”(A New Form of Music Signs for notations) and published the same bringing his master’s name into fame and became famous himself in the filed of music literature as well.His service to the India Classical Music and Kannada leterary field is continued till today and considered among most popular musicians and writers.

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